A new approach to retail. A new approach to e-commerce.  The boundaries of online and traditional retail got narrower with mobile devices. Now it’s time to bring the retail and e-commerce to whoever the consumer is. We developed integrated solutions to the Magento e-commerce platform that provides a better purchasing experience on mobile devices and point of sales. Express check-out at mobile and the point of sale, kiosks, drop shipping operations, pick-up at store, beamers. marketplaces, shopping environment adapted to consumer preferences.

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Vibetr is a Second Screen and Social TV platform targeting iOS, Android, Google TV and Connected TVs. It allows an interactive experience between the user, the TV shows, its sponsors and advertisers. Vibetr delivers extra-contents by the broadcasters, advertising agencies and producers to the users who check-in a TV show, movie or sports event. The Apps also shows the most popular TV shows being broadcasted and recommendations based on the user profile and his friends.

Product Website: http://b2b.vibetr.com

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iVentize is a platform for Corporate Events, Festivals and Trade Fairs. Through iOs, Android and Web Apps the users access the event’s schedule, maps, guests and attendees profile, papers, videos and presentations from Lecturers and sponsors. It’s an ideal tool to improve the engagement of the attendees with the event as well as improve networking and knowledge transfer.

Product Website: www.iventize.com

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Convertiva is developing the consumer engagement technologies to the consumers who don't want to limit their online experience to a desktop.

Offline devices and environments become interactive with Convertiva technologies.

Our Vision: The Inline World

The boundaries of Online and Offline are getting narrower.

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